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We are a premium brand building agency.


Combining strong creative and executional thinking with data-driven and daring strategic decisions, we create cultural relevance and long-term growth for brands.


About us

Fuelled by tailor-made teams of multi-faceted international talents to give brands the recognition they deserve.

Our guiding principle: Magic with Logic™.

Emotions are the way humans reach decisions. The interplay between head and heart – this amazing process of "making up your mind" – is the basis of our principle Magic with Logic™.

Our client list:
Coty, P&G, Douglas, Beiersdorf, Merck, KAO, Joe Fresh, Merz Aesthetics, Balenciaga, Acqua di Parma, St. John, Fresh Cosmetics, Weleda, Seiko and Miele.


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product launch

Miele MasterCool

Miele's new cooling technolgy
"Preserve the taste of nature"

See perfection redefined   ›
holistic brand design

Acqua di Parma

A holistic reinvention of a classic – capturing the hearts of a new generation of luxury consumer.

Breathe Italian luxury   ›
brand positioning


Elevating this leading beauty retailer whilst reigniting interest and engagement.

Experience the new look   ›
Seasonal Campaign

St. John knits

Introducing a luxury women’s Spring 2020 Collection with sensuous authenticity

Meet the Women of World   ›
product creation

Seb Man

Building a grooming brand relevant for millennial men.

Meet the new Sebastian   ›
influencer campaign

Douglas Kiss Kit

Creation of an influencer limited edition to reach the hearts of millennial women.

Get kissed   ›

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