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We began our partnership with St. John in 2013, when we were tasked to develop a narrative that would reposition the brand in a digital-first global #fashion market. As part of the new strategy, which informed all marketing initiatives from the in-store design to the print campaigns, we launched a full #social experience for the brand. 

“Select World is one of those rare agency partners where business understanding, strategic power, and creative excellence go hand in hand with a nimble entrepreneurial culture. They don’t just help build brands, they can inspire an entire company.”

Bernd Beetz, CEO + Chairman, St. John Knits​

1. Establish the social footprint — A tailored content strategy published across 5 channels inspiring a newer, younger generation of women to consider St. John for their wardrobes.

2. Drive engagement — Partner with fashion influencers and leverage new channel features like Instagram Stories to create content that stimulates conversations around St. John collections.

3. Convert the audience — Strategic paid placements with messaging that is timely and relevant to drive traffic to the e-commerce site and social sales.

“Collaborating with Select World inspired us to leverage our legacy as we move the brand forward.”


Tiffany Anastasakis SVP Communications + Marketing, St. John Knits

Award Recognition

For 2 years in a row, the St. John Instagram channel was chosen as Official Honoree in the Annual Webby Awards in the “Social: Fashion + Beauty” 

From 2014-2016, overall results led to positive ROI.

Socially driven sales grew 2,279% within 1 year of the e-commerce site launch.

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