My Style. My Seiko.


“Select World has helped push us to take the #brand to the next level and connect with a younger audience while strengthening our core consumer base. A key component of our relationship is that Select World fully grasps the challenges we also face in the retail arena, which is so important in moving the business forward.”

Tai Scors, Director of Advertising



In 2012, we and Seiko joined together to give the watch brand a fresh

update, and communicate its heritage based in progress and innovation. The result was the “Progress to Seiko” #campaign, which motivated consumers to take another look at the #brand, as well as introduce it a younger audience. 




Building on the momentum of the “Progress to Seiko” campaign,

“My Style. My Seiko.” was introduced in 2015. Brand ambassadors

Novak Djokovic, Jimmie Johnson, and Misty Copeland were featured,

each chosen for their own distinctive style. TV, print, and social media

executions added a fresh sophistication to the brand, while the depiction

of the #ambassadors added humanity and spontaneity to the campaign.


Recrafting to expand reach: In 2014, Seiko was readying to introduce a sub-brand specifically targeting #Millennials. Our charge was to help name and launch this new collection – the Seiko Recraft Series – positioning it in the context of unique self-expression, with individuality above all. Tapping into the #lifestyle and energy of this new market, the campaign was released online, featuring artists and activists who were following their dreams and passions – who had “recrafted” their lives in order to be absolutely true to themselves.

The Recraft campaign broke through to the Millennial audience with 15.5M impressions and 38k clicks, engaging viewers and achieving over 6.3M views.

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