The enfant terrible of hairstyle


Where provocation is the norm

We continually collaborate with the brand that claims “Fearless Hair Artistry” on its banner and evolve its rich and rebellious legacy. For each collection we make sure the #campaign drives #Sebastian further forward, keeping its trend-hungry, image-literate target asking “What’s next?”

“We wear black to not distract from the hair.” 
Ever since this statement, the color has been the brand’s iconic asset.

John Sebastian, Founder of Sebastian Professional

Founded in 1973 in LA, the stylists John Sebastian and Geri Cusenza ushered in a new era in #hairstyle. Their brand has always been unapologetically rooted in fearlessness and is one of the free brands poised to confront the unending thirst for innovation and game-changing creativity. It’s an honor to work with this cutting-edge brand and to continually expand upon the known dimensions of #storytelling.

“I imagine we can
change the world,
one head, one face
or one body
at a time.”

Geri Cusenza, Founder of Sebastian Professional

Gives life to curls

The Twisted #collection invites you on a journey to the darkest edges of the deep sea, home to some of nature’s most agile and flexible forms of life. By tapping into these mechanisms, Sebastian uncovered the secrets of lasting moisture, bounce and elastic flexibility in a new technology for curly hair. This is Twisted. This is What’s Next.

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