Because your time is now


Take the #time to spoil yourself, go to new places and enjoy your highlife. 

Select World’s "Your Time Is Now" #campaign for Maurice #Lacroix#watches captures the definitive moment. Featuring market-specific taglines that reinforce and complete the main claim, according to local customer profiles, cultures and mindset. Originating from the key consumer insights of self-reward, recognition of success and pride. 


In life, #time is of the essence. And the essence of beauty is life. Your time is now – embrace it with confidence. 

Maurice #Lacroix was founded as part of Desco von Schulthess of Zurich in 1975. Founded in 1889, Desco von Schulthess (Desco) is an older company with roots in the silk trade. Over the years, Desco became more interested in the #watch business and began integrating innovative #craftsmanship into their product product portfolion, including the best watchmakes from Switzerland. Today Maurice Lacroix is now unparalleled compared to other #luxury#watch companies. 

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