Dare To Face The Sun


By 2014, in partnership with Select World, #Lancaster became Europe's No.1 #prestige sun #care brand.

Founded in Monaco in 1947, Lancaster has been a leader in #prestige sun and #skin#care ever since, as celebrated for groundbreaking research as for sumptuous products and the promise of a flawless golden tan. Over more than 10 years in partnership with Select World, #Lancaster has achieved the status of a global icon that celebrates women, understands the impact of the environment on their skin, and encourages them to live to the full - to dare their beauty.


In print, in store and online, #Lancaster educates women on the science behind their beauty, and empowers them to live it to the full.

#Lancaster became the first sun care brand to think beyond UV rays and protect #skin from 100% of sunlight with the launch of Infrared protection and Full Light Technology.

In 2016, the brand's blockbuster 365 Skin Repair serum was relaunched with a #campaign developed by Select World and celebrating "365 days a year, 365 days of younger-looking skin".

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