Avant-garde beauty


Dr. Brandt Skincare contacted Select World to develop
a Brand Epic™ in order to create a focused, distinct
narrative and ownable visual direction. The goal was
to enforce the brand’s point of difference and
regain traction with retailers.


On the basis of the Brand Epic™ development, the relationship between
Dr. Brandt and Select World grew exponentially with the launch of
nine new products. Select World was responsible for conceiving, shooting,
retouching, and editing creative assets, utilizing its full-service, in-house
#content studio. As a result of this profound partnership, Dr. Brandt Skincare
is now one of Sephora’s best-selling #skincare brands.


Select World never ceases to challenge us and take the brand beyond what we imagined for it creatively. Our partnership has been exciting and rewarding, and Select World’s beauty expertise is reflected in the bold, visionary and avant-garde campaigns.


Stephane Colleu, President + Chief Executive Officer

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