Artistry, audacity, alchemy


"We want to inspire curiosity. We are thrilled when our #jewelry raises questions.”

- Albert Boghossian 

Jewelers and traders for more than six generations, we worked closely with this heritage-rich family to define the fundamentals of the future of their jewelry brand. From #logo to the first major #campaign – we created a world of iconic imagery that celebrates the transcendent power of unparalleled #craftsmanship


There is a symbiotic relationship between women and jewelry. We make pieces to live on women. These are considerations that are key to our approach to jewelry.

- Edmon Chin 

For hundreds of years, this family has built heritage in jewelry by blending cultures, and using precious materials in ways previously unknown to craftsmen. The perfect harmony achieved by with their signature blend of inspiration – drawing from patterns, vibrancy of color and opulence from the East as well as a freshness of styles lightness and fluidity of design from the West. It was a unique pleasure to push our owns skills beyond their limits to serve this ever-ambitious brand. 

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