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It's a match – Sephora's mobile offensive with Tinder

This article was taken from our blog "SelectWorldly" – where we regularly feature the most newsworthy developments among premium brands who aren't afraid to be the first at something. 

Sephora attracts everyon's attention with it's new tinder-like feature and #digital mad libs-tool – supported by actual ads on the dating app. The #beauty retailer came up with these two new features, named "swipe it, shop it" and "#beauty uncomplicator", to re-launch the new Sephora Collection - Sephora's private label #brand.

"Swipe it, shop it" uses the well-known tinder approach and design to show the huge range of products and looks thus offers a really fun shopping experience: Swipe right to shop a look, left to skip it.
In addition to that Sephora will be running actual ads on tinder in September to promote the "swipe it, shop it" tinder-like feature. Branded cards ask users to click and take a poll for a free sample. Therefore Sephora will become the first #beauty#brand to buy ads on Tinder that use a polling feature.
How the feature works: Users can swipe through a series of shoppable looks which each look like a tinder-card. If you are into a look you can swipe right or left if you aren't. Swiping right you automatically add the look to your personal shopping list.

The other tool called the "#beauty uncomplicator" helps users to find the products they are searching for in a much easier and more fun way. The tool asks shoppers to fill in the blank to get more personalized search results.

SelectWorldy likes because:

Sephora is once again demonstrating it's smart approach in mobile marketing and #beauty retailing by showing their wide range of products in a playful way inspired by the latest trends and pop culture. The #brand creates a holistic experience for its customers to engage with the brand.

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